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Esquí de fondo Martell

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1.400 - 1.760m

Loipenplan Martell

Cross-country skiing paradise Martell
The biathlon and cross-country ski center in the middle of Martell in the Stelvio National Park, which is directly connected to the trails in St. Maria i. d. Schmelz.

The cross-country paradise Martell has a total of 12 km of trails of varying difficulty. Due to the altitude, it is one of the snowiest areas in the Alps with snow warranty from late November to late March.

The trail ticket is included during the ski lesson of any kind.

  • The season ticket Vinschgau includes the following areas:
  • Cross-country skiing and Biathlon center: 1500-1760 m, length 12 km, altitude 260 m
  • Trail in Ortler Sulden: 1,900 m, length 7.5 km homologated ski track, altitude 150 m
  • Prader track: 901 m, length 2 km artificial snow + 3 km on natural snow, altitude 125 m
  • Nordic Ski Centre Schlinig: 1,726 m, length 14 km, altitude 230 m
  • Trails St. Valentin, Graun and Reschen: 1,500 m, length 13/7/5 km, altitude 20 m
  • Höhenloipe Langtaufers: 1,912 m, length 20 km, altitude 50 m


  • Tageskarte: Erwachsene: 2,50 € Kinder: 1,00 €
  • Wochenkarte: Erwachsene: 14,00 € Kinder 4,00 €
  • Saisonskarte Martell: Erwachsene: 39,00 € Kinder 15,00 €
  • Saisonskarte Vinschgau: Erwachsene: 50,00 € Kinder 30,00 €

Kinder von 8 bis 14 Jahre
Die Karten sind erhältlich am Eingang des Zentrums beim Hotel Restaurant Waldheim
und im Café Hölderle.
Die Saisonskarte Vinschgau gilt für die Gebiete: Langtaufers, Schlinig, Graun, Sulden, Prad u. Martell

Posibilidades de albergue

Hotel Restaurant Waldheim
Café Hölderle

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