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Kitzbüheler Alpen St. Johann in Tirol

St. Johann in Tirol

659 - 2.344m
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St. Johann in Tirol

659 - 2.344m

Summer Fun and Winter Dreams

Fun summers and fairytale-like winters are drawing all types of outdoor enthusiasts to St. Johann in Tirol.

The heart of the Holiday Region is a great destination for all seasons and ages, including everyone from water babies to serious rock climbers. Set at the foot of the majestic Kaiser Mountains, St. Johann in Tirol (659m) is a paradise for cyclists, mountain bikers, ramblers and hikers. Enjoy magnificent walks, bike tours or horse rides through lush pastures, colorful meadows and past roaring waterfalls to cozy mountain huts - or to a friendly beer garden.

The greater St. Johann in Tirol region provides an abundance of splendid hikes and with over 20 quaint snack stations, huts and mountain inns you never have to go long without a break and a hearty snack.

Wherever you stay in St. Johann you will enjoy easy access to lush green hills in the summer or to superb ski slopes in the winter. Located at the foot of Harschbichl Mountain, St. Johann in Tirol gets abundant snowfall each winter, and with 42,5 kilometers of impeccable slopes on the north-facing side of Kitzbüheler Horn and 17 modern ski lifts, the resort pleases all types of skiers. And if you are new to the sport, St. Johann has some 100 highly motivated and experienced instructors who can teach everyone how to ski or snowboard in no time at all!

St. Johann in Tirol is also famous for its excellent cross-country skiing: over 250 kilometers of groomed trails wind their way through the sunny valley, and once a year St. Johann in Tirol stages Austria’s largest citizens cross-country ski race, the highly popular “Koasalauf” which attracts nearly 2,000 participants from all over the globe.

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St. Johann in Tirol
St. Johann in Tirol
St. Johann in Tirol

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Kitzbüheler Alpen St. Johann in Tirol - Oberndorf - Kirchdorf - Erpfendorf
Poststrasse 2, A-6380 St. Johann in Tirol

+43 (0)5352 63335 0
+43 (0)5352 63335 8213
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