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Shopping in Salzburg

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The pure shopping experience awaits you in Salzburg. In the old town - with Getreidegasse, Judengasse and the traditional Durchhäusern - you will find numerous shops. These include old-established shops as well as international chains and small boutiques. It is worth taking a look at every passage and every narrow alley. A wonderful gem can hide in it.
In addition, Salzburg has the most modern and beautiful shopping centre in the world: in the multiple award-winning Europark Salzburg you can indulge your shopping lust without restriction in the 130 shops.

Tradition & quality
Salzburg's old town is a lively meeting place: people live and work here and many traditional manufactories have their addresses around Getreidegasse. Master bakers and furriers, liqueur producers and weavers, confectioners and tailors and much more enliven the narrow streets with their romantic courtyards.

Many of them are even considered sights due to their long tradition: for example the Mora bookshop on Residenzplatz, the Alte Fürsterzbischöfliche Court Pharmacy on Alten Markt, the chocolate specialist Holzermayr, the Stiftsbäckerei St. Peter, the goldsmith's workshop Anton Koppenwallner or the Schatz pastry shop.

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