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812 - 2.020m

Summer is the best time for spending ultimate holidays in the lovely village of Oetz. Embedded in wonderful landscapes it makes a perfect and romantic hideaway for all those in search of rest and recreation, endless walks, cultural highlights in the village center, and panoramic hiking tours amid the marvelous pasturelands of Hochoetz. In addition, a wide range of activities and sports are on the program during the summer months. Unforgettable days are guaranteed!

The Acherkogel gondola takes you right to the heart of Hochoetz's breathtaking pasturelands. You can choose from a huge network of well-marked walking paths and hiking trails. Easy trails for less experienced hikers or families are available and traditional huts in a beautiful landscape invite to stay and enjoy!

Big playground in the hiking area Hochoetz
The big bad wolf has stolen and hidden a magic crystal. That could mean the end of WIDIVERSUM! Only you can save it: Help WIDI and his friends to find the magic crystal again.

Lake Piburger See
The lake Piburger See is located in a nature reserve above Oetz. It is the warmest lake in Tyrol, the water temperature reaches 24°C. At the lake are Swimming and boat facilities, buffet, restaurant. Discover the nature reserve and its beauties on the numerous hiking paths around the lake. Fishing is allowed for a fee (fishing pass, day pass)

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