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Kitzbüheler Alpen St. Johann in Tirol

Oberndorf in Tirol

687 - 2.344m
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Oberndorf in Tirol

687 - 2.344m

Guarded by the Emperor

Towering above Oberndorf, the rugged Wilder Kaiser Mountains with their almost 2,300-meter high peaks have always held a special allure for locals and visitors alike.

According to an old legend, the Roman emperor Charlemagne found his last resting place in the quiet limestone rocks over 1,000 years ago. And when looking at the peaks long enough you will see that they actually resemble a crown….

The amazing mountain views you enjoy from your window make for the perfect way to start your day in Oberndorf (687m), a charming village of 2,270 inhabitants that is nestled between the Kitzbüheler Horn and the Wilder Kaiser range. Oberndorf charms visitors with its traditional Tirolean flair, warm hospitality and great variety of outdoor activities in pristine nature.

The sunny area offers an abundance of great hikes any time of the year. In the summer the 13,000-square meter Bichlachbad offers refreshing outdoor swimming pools and spacious greens for sunbathing and relaxing. Attractions include the baroque parish in Oberndorf’s pretty town center, and the world’s largest wooden fountain in front of the historic Müllnerhof inn.

In the cold season, skiers and snowboarders appreciate the benefits that come with a small resort, and there is a gondola that gives access to the ski area St. Johann in Tirol | Oberndorf, famous for its sunny slopes and spectacular mountain views.

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Oberndorf in Tirol
Kitzbüheler Alpen St. Johann in Tirol
Kitzbüheler Alpen St. Johann in Tirol

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Kitzbüheler Alpen St. Johann in Tirol - Oberndorf - Kirchdorf - Erpfendorf
Poststrasse 2, A-6380 St. Johann in Tirol

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