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306 - 1.379m
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306 - 1.379m

The Mühlviertel between the Danube in the south and the Bohemian Forest (Böhmerwald) in the north is a country with a strong character. Its rolling hills offer unexpected views over the region and to the alps. The diverse landscape with gentle flowing rivers, green meadows and granite mountains up to 1.300 m allow for sports activities like cycling, hiking, horseback riding in summer or skiing and cross-country skiing in winter. An essential part of exploring the Mühlviertel is immersing into its cilinary offers and long tradition of beer brewing.

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St. Ulrich im Mühlkreis
Ferienregion Böhmerwald
St. Veit im Mühlkreis

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Mühlviertel Tourismus Information
Freistädter Straße 119, A-4041 Linz

+43 (0)732 7277 727
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