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BERGFEX: Mežica: Vacaciones Mežica - Viajes Mežica

Koroška - slowenisches Kärnten





Surrounded on all sides by green grassy slopes, Mežica has always been considered the alpine tourist center of the Mežica Valley.

Due to its particular natural conditions, the area has been a popular spot for training top sport teams for decades, and more recently hiking and mountaineering have become increasingly developed and important activities.

The marked hiking trails to the surrounding peaks are well maintained, peaceful, and uncrowded. Mount Peca/Kordeschkopf (2,125 m) is the highest and certainly the most visited mountain in this part of Koroška. In addition to the marvelous views, the legend of King Matjaž who sleeps beneath the mountain also attracts numerous mountaineers and the curious. Near the King Matjaž Cave on Mala Peca (1,731 m) the local mountaineering club maintains a pleasant mountain lodge (1,665 m).

An international mountain bike trail runs around Mount Peca, and in addition there are many other possibilities for mountain biking on the forestry roads.

The main tourist attraction in Mežica itself is the old lead and zinc mine that has been arranged as a tourist museum where visitors can ride a mine train into the underground world below Mount Peca to see the galleries and a rich collection of minerals and fossils.

Above Mežica are the interesting Church of Sv. Lenart with its miraculous chain Breg with its beautiful granaries, and Lom with its marvelous views of Austria# s Jaunfeld/Podjuna Valley.

There are many local gostilnas, restaurants, and tourist farms in Mežica and the surrounding area where you will certainly be pleasantly surprised by the traditional miners kitchen specialties.

Quelle: www.slovenia.info/en/-ctg-kraji/Me%C5%BEica-.htm?_ctg_kra...

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Contacto Mežica

TIC Park kralja Matjaža
Center 101, SI-2393 Črna na Koroškem

+386 02 8704820
+386 02 8704822

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