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Eisenstraße Niederösterreich

Lackenhof am Ötscher

810 - 1.893m
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Lackenhof am Ötscher

810 - 1.893m

The awesome landscape around the Ötscher territory enables to discover the nature, to use 230km long hiking tours or just to enjoy the panoramic view.
Mountain bike tracks lead you through the gorgeous surroundings with an amazing view all around the mountains.
For a comfortable trip is it also possible to use the Ötscherlift to the Schutzhaus, where you get reward with a splendid view.
Also parasailing is an option for you to enjoy the village from another point of view.

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Lackenhof am Ötscher
Lackenhof am Ötscher
Lackenhof am Ötscher

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Lackenhof - Ötscher
Weitental 51, A-3295 Lackenhof am Ötscher

+43 (0)7480 5354
+43 (0)7480 53544
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  • Lackenhof - Ötscher
    21.05.2020 - 26.10.2020 (1 Remonte mecánico)
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